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Easters 2015

This year it was fun to be back around family- and not to have to travel 4 hours each way to see them. It was a special time, as well, because with the new addition to our family, we can boast 5 generations of women! That is amazing to me. I don’t know anyone who still has 5 generations represented in their families.

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Janice Green was born in Logan, New Mexico in 1926. Charlotte Pollard was born to Janice in Grand Junction, Colorado in 1952. Heather Pollard was born to Charlotte in Montrose, Colorado in 1975. Mykayla Lujan was born to Heather in Grand Junction, Colorado in 1998. Paisley Monger was born to Mykayla in Grand Junction, Colorado in 2015.

Other Easters Photos, plus Prison Ball 2015

*Note: There aren’t many prison ball photos because I am working on a hilarious video instead. Stay Tuned…

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