Paisley at 1 month

My grand-niece, Paisley, turns 1-month-old tomorrow. We missed taking traditional newborn photos at 2 weeks because her mother, my niece Mykayla, is working hard to graduate from high school (a year early) all while trying to balance a newborn, work, prom, life, etc.

Do you remember your senior year of college? Do you remember the stress, excitement, and overwhelming feeling of anxiety, knowing you were just about to begin actual “life”?

Imagine doing all of it with a brand new baby.

I took these photos a few hours before Mykayla’s first and last prom. She had her hair and makeup done and was ready to pull on the perfect dress as soon as we were done photographing her new baby girl.

My favorite photos are the ones I took between takes while Kayla patiently fed, burped, and calmed her Paisley. There was a lot of urine and even more spit-up, but Mykayla expertly wiped and cuddled Paisley, cooing sweet words into the baby’s ear all the while.

I don’t think it is too “religious” or “political” to state that I’m glad Kayla had this baby. She didn’t have to. I’m amazed at her courage. I’m proud of the choice she made, and I’m even more excited to see what this bundle of skin and bones and smiles and toes will do with her brand new soul in this crazy world.

I imagine something big.

Charity Meinhart

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