Here’s the thing about work. The American workplace was structured by Type A left brainers, FOR Type A left brainers. We promote neat, clean cubicles; suits, ties, and panty hose; and a strict 40 hour work week with precise org charts to show us where to sit and who to ask before we do anything of merit or worth.

37 percent of Americans are left-brained and 29 percent are right-brained, HOWEVER, in 34 percent of of the population (people like yours truly) the two hemispheres exert equal influence on decision-making. So, why on earth have we structured our entire workplace to cater to only 37% of Americans? Why do we force the other 63% into an environment that stifles their potential to innovate and create?

It’s not like creative minds have ever produced anything good when left to their own devices… except produce the theory of relativity, invent the telephone and personal computer, discover electricity, and take us to the moon…

Is it fair to say that innovation over the next century won’t reach it’s full potential if this dominant culture persists? I’m lucky. I love my job and I know a lot of us work for organizations that do try to value alternative workplace structures, but sadly, a large percentage of Americans would rather gouge their eyes out than waste away in a cubicle for 50 years of their already short lives.

How do we change this norm?